The Ultimate SEO Tutorial of 2021

SEO is a path or procedure to get the website rank on certain keywords on search engines. This helps businesses to grab visitors and convert them into customers or clients. So, we need to have the best website to perform on search engines. Most important is keyword selection. Without the right set of keywords, we can not perform well in the search engines. In this blog, we will discuss the best SEO tutorial part and show how to do that. Let’s start.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Our first step is keyword research. At first, we need the understand the business of the website and come up with lots of keywords. There are lots of websites from where we can have the idea of keyword ideas. The websites are the following:

  1. Reddit
  2. QuestionDB
  3. Answer the Public
  4. Buzzsumo
  5. Google keyword planner

From those above websites, you can see what are the visitors searching for. You can place the URL of the website and get an idea of the keywords from it. We can also add some trending topics from Google Trends and Exploding topic websites.

Step 2: Choose a High-Value Keyword

To choose the keywords you can try tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Google Keyword tool. You can have the idea of Keywords volume, Clicks, Competition, CPC (Cost Per Click), and more. You need to choose the keywords accordingly. We need to focus on high CPC keywords. If the monthly searches are high, you can select the most clicked keywords to get more visitors and clicks. There are three types of keywords:

  1. High Volume keywords
  2. Mid volume keywords
  3. Low volume keywords

We need to choose according to the number of clicks. So, try to select the keywords on Keyword competition, CPC, and most important monthly searches.

Step 3: Publish the Content that Google Searches Want

Content is the mother of ranking. So, we need to have the content with the keywords we selected. But before writing the content we need to figure out the "Search Intent” for the keywords. We need to do Google to read the trending blogs which are on the top list of the rankings. We need to study and write the content. Here are some tips to write the content:

  1. Write the content that is 1:1 match for search intent
  2. Need to write the content better than found in the search results
  3. Use proper images, infographics, videos, screenshots, real examples, GIF.

Step 4: Optimize the content for UX

Need to write the content for Google ranking. So, we have some tools to write proper title and header tags. You can try the Coschedule headline analyzer tool. We have to write proper title tags and headers to understand the keywords-centric topic we are writing about. We need to have complete information in "Display Window" on the page. So, We need to keep the following points in mind before writing the content:

  1. Hook your search engine visitor by right information that visitors are looking into
  2. Use big font
  3. Chunk the content (Use more paragraphs and heading to differentiate the content)
  4. Break up the content info into simple and small sections.

Step 5: Implement Best SEO Practices

This step is the most important part. According to my knowledge, we need to create the masterpiece content at first. Then we have to publish it with the best SEO strategy. We need to follow the following rules to make the content SEO friendly:

  1. Need to place the main focused keyword in the 1st 100 words of the content
  2. Include the main keywords in the URL
  3. Use related keywords
  4. Use internal and external links
  5. Focus on the keyword density
  6. Place an On-page SEO analyser

Step 6: Promote the Content

Now our content is published and we need to promote it now. If we will not promote the content, how will it reach the visitors who are searching for the topic you have written. So, we need to use the following process to promote the content:

  1. Social media promotion (Share the content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  2. Content curation (Linking the URL of the content to another website or blogs)
  3. Use Buzzsumo to find the influencer people who will share the content.
  4. Email the content to the people who are interested in the content
  5. Reply to the comment you have in the content

Step 7: Build Backlinks for Websites

Most important to get ranking to build the backlinks for websites. If we have more backlinks, we will have a good ranking on search engines. There is always a WHITE HAT SEO technique that always helps. I am sharing some backlinks building strategies. Please have a look:

  1. Build links from Broken links (Use, Exploding topics,
  2. Build a statistic on a topic, people will link your content and statistics
  3. Use Guest Blog submission to get more exposure and visitors from around the world.

Step 8: Improve and Monitor Technical SEO

We need to know Google analytics to understand how many visitors are coming to our websites, what they are reading, and what they are searching for. We need to do the following tasks on daily basis:

  1. Audit the website every day on Google analytics
  2. Fix the indexing issues on the Google search console.
  3. Optimize the site structure.
  4. Broken links research and fix them
  5. Analyze the keywords by which people are coming to the website.


I hope you have got the ultimate SEO tutorials of 2021. We have suffered a lot in 2020 for Covid'19 and are trying to back to normal life these days. Read the blog and share your knowledge with me in the comment section. Thanks for reading the whole content. See you on my next blog.

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