How to Rank on Page 1 of Google Quickly

Today we are going to discuss how to get rank on the first page of Google on a certain set of keywords fast. Everyone wants to see their website on the 1st rank page of Google for a competitive keyword. But, it is very tough to get on the 1st page. If you read the whole blog you have an idea to get your website on the top-ranking page. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Create a Very Good Infographic

Infographic is a good strategy to grab visitors to your website. Design is 10% responsible for a good infographic. 90% is the topic you are going to show in the infographic. If you want to get good and targeted traffic you need to create a good content flow that visitors love. Strategically, you need to promote the infographic to get valuable visitors.

Step 2: Find the Interesting Visitors for Your Infographic

When the infographic is ready, you need to find the people who are interested in the infographic. Firstly, you need to search the topic on Google. After that, you need to find quality blogs for your infographic. Then you need to do the next step.

Step 3: Check the People Who are Interested in Your Infographic

The process I am going to tell you is Guestographic. You already have the list of blogs related to your infographic. So, you need to tell them about your creation. Now, email them with the infographic to add to their blogs. If you send the email to add your infographic, you will have a near about 5% conversion rate. So, it’s time for the next step.

Step 4: Promote the Infographic with a Kickass Intro

You need to send the infographic with a Kickass introduction about the infographic and your website and services. So, you will get a backlink for your website from a well-written blog. Also, you can share your infographic with another blog.

If the blog website owner wants some money for it, you can spend a very minimum amount to post your infographic and introduction about your website and services. Now, the most important is to get powerful backlinks from the blog that people read as it is on the top rank page of Google.


If you have a good and meaningful infographic, you can have the possibility to get powerful backlinks. By using the backlinks, you can get your blogs on the top rank page of Google and get real visitors. And Guestgraphic is a very new thing in SEO to get visitors by ranking.

Hope you liked the content. Please share your views in the comment section. Happy reading.

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