Laravel & Vue Js – A powerful Combination

Laravel & Vue js are powerful web application frameworks. Using both of them can create something amazing and make wonders.

Before discussing Why should you use both of them together. Let’s first begin our discussion about What basically Laravel & Vue Js are?

laravel & Vue JS  

What is Laravel? Why Should You Use it?


Laravel is one of the popular web development frameworks. It is also a progressive framework as it grows with you. Taylor Otwell launched Laravel as a progressive PHP framework in 2011. It is easy to learn and the best choice for building modern, full-stack web applications.


Laravel focuses on leveraging the Model-View-Controller (MVC) principles to create an open-source framework accessible to all developers and designers. It provides an amazing developer experience while providing powerful features such as thorough dependency injection, an expressive database abstraction layer, queues and scheduled jobs, unit and integration testing, and more.


Laravel is basically an adaptive, scalable, and community framework. It is also one of the fastest-growing frameworks, with 51% of developers in the Stack Overflow 2019 survey saying that they love it.


Bottom Line: Laravel scores better than other web frameworks because of its advanced features and development tools. Its MVC architecture facilitates rapid web application development.


Now, Let’s talk about one of the amazing and powerful JavaScript frameworks, Vue.Js.


What is Vue.Js? Why should You use it?

Vue.Js is also a progressive and adaptive framework by Evan who officially released in 2014.


Vue.Js is used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. Not just for web interfaces, Vue.js is also for desktop and mobile app development with the Electron framework.

The HTML extension and the JS base quickly made Vue a favored front-end tool, evidenced by adoption by such giants as Adobe, Behance, Alibaba, Gitlab, and Xiaomi.


The name of the framework – Vue – is the same phonetically in English as view, and it corresponds to the traditional Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Simply put, the view is a UI of an application/website, and the core library of Vue.js focuses on the view layer by default. But, MVC doesn’t mean that Vue.js can’t be used with a different architectural approach like the Component-Based Architecture (CBA) used in React.


Vue became the second most loved framework in 2019 due to its following reasons:

  • Tiny size
  • Virtual DOM rendering and performance
  • Reactive two-way data binding
  • Single-file components and readability

Bottom line:  JavaScript is used by a varied set of developers and designers who are creating interactive UIs. Its core library is rich with scalable elements and integrates very well with other JavaScript libraries, making it one of the most preferred front-end development frameworks.


Laravel & Vue.Js. A Perfect Combination?

If you have used the latest version of Laravel, then you would notice that it usually comes with Vue bundled in with other tools like Bootstrap and jQuery. You would also notice in Laravel documentation that they gave a small introduction to using Vue components. Is this a sign that Laravel loves Vue?

Why Should You Use Vue with Laravel?


We are going to explore a few reasons why you should use Vue with Laravel.

  • Building a Seamless Front-end Experience
  • Efficient Single-Page Application Development
  • Building optimal complex frontend pages
  • Allows developers to issue database queries using PHP Syntax
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Increase Page-Load Speeds



Laravel  & Vue JS and augment your web application’s efficiency from the development process all the way to the page-load speeds. As a result, they provide your team members with comprehensive documentation to get them started and a rich library of modules to execute common tasks. Since both of them extensively support front-end development, your end-product is bound to perform well (as long as you use them in the right combination).

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