Optimize Logistics Efficiency with TRAX: A Seamless Mobile App Experience

About TRAX

The TRAX Mobile App opens with a welcoming Splash Screen, setting the stage for a user-friendly experience where Agent have to input their valid mobile number and password to login.


OTP Verification Screen

Post-login, the OTP Verification Screen boosts security in TRAX Mobile App. Agents input the Admin-messaged OTP for validation, ensuring a secure and seamless access process.


Dashboard Screen

Explore TRAX Dashboard for Agents: A Seamless and Intuitive Interface with Key Sections

  • Go Online to start trip and Go Offline to end trip.
  • Pie Chart to show number of pending, completed and rejected shipment.
  • GPS Enabled/Disabled to show and change GPS status.
  • Refresh to update assigned shipment list.
  • Search by keyword to find particular shipment records.
  • Agent Profile to show Agent image, name, mobile number, email id and address.

Pending Details Screen

Selecting 'Go Online/Continue guides agents to the Pending screen, displaying pending shipments with concise descriptions. Choosing a specific item reveals the Pending Details screen with a Google map displaying pickup/delivery locations. Agents can promptly take actions like Call Now to dial Shipment contect number or Start to begin a particular Shipment for efficient task management.


Intransit Screen

After clicking 'Start Shipment' or 'Intransit' tab, TRAX Mobile App's Intransit screen displays a Google map with the shortest path from the agent's current location to the destination. It features shipment details akin to the pending details screen.

  • Call Now to dial shipment contact number.
  • Checkin when agent reaches to destination address.
  • Completed after complete particular shipment.
  • Rejected to reject particular shipment.
  • Pending to further move the shipment to pending list.
  • In case of Completed/Rejected, a form must be filled up by agent to track records about shipment pickup/delivery/rejection.

Completed Screen

Selecting 'Completed Shipment' or the 'Completed' tab on TRAX Mobile App reveals a list of all completed shipments for a specific agent. Clicking on a list item directs to the Contact Details screen.

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