Vision of the brand

The mission of Planet Handcrafted is to link artisans who practice traditional art forms with global consumers. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, analytics, and service-oriented approaches, we will empower our artisans. This will allow them to compete effectively in a changing marketplace while combining their exceptional craftsmanship with modern tools. Our mission is to revive and bring back the lost glory and vibrancy in these arts while generating income and employment for the practitioners and strengthening the communities that nourish them.

BlueHorse's Custom Development for Planet Handcrafted's Website

  • Development of multi-vendor website
  • Custom product integration
  • Separate vendor dashboard
  • Custom shipment integration
  • Decision table implementatio
  • Distortion of product images on the website, requiring reworking and uploading
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  • BlueHorse developed a strategy at first to improve time management and ensure that deadlines were met.
  • Custom product integration was developed by creating a feature that allowed vendors to create and manage their own products.
  • A separate vendor dashboard was created to enable vendors to track their sales and orders
  • Custom shipment integration was achieved by integrating third-party shipping APIs into the website.
  • Image distortion issue was tackled by optimising the images to ensure they were of the correct dimensions and resolution.
  • These solutions enabled Planet Handcrafted to launch a successful multi-vendor website that met the needs of their customers and vendors alike

Project Manager's Insights and Strategies

As the project manager for the Planet handcrafted website, I faced numerous challenges and customizations that needed to be addressed. However, our team worked diligently to find solutions for each challenge and continue building the website. Despite the client, Anirban Ghosh, being new to the technology, he was adept at gathering detailed requirements and had a clear vision of what he needed for the application. Our discussions often involved in-depth conversations and call to reach a consensus on every point. Ultimately, we were able to successfully develop an efficient dropshipping module for the website.

Client feedback is crucial to our work

"Collaborating with BlueHorse Software for 8 months was enriching. Their expertise in web and app development, transparent communication, and flexibility in integrating new modules impressed me. I highly recommend them for website and eCommerce app development."- Planethandcrafted client's feedback

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