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Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, Manyavar’s partnership with BlueHorse began with swiftly resolving Manyavar's eCommerce challenges. Throughout this decade-long collaboration, BlueHorse has navigated eCommerce intricacies, vendor management, brand experience, and store operations. This partnership symbolizes the fusion of tradition and innovation in fashion. Together, we've tackled operational challenges, enhancing efficiency and driving growth in retail. This collaboration showcases technology's transformative potential in modern retail operations.



Presence:Global Scalability for

ethnic wear


Manyavar faced hurdles in expanding its eCommerce presence, especially in international markets characterized by diverse pricing structures and consumer preferences. This led to customer confusion and hindered global scalability.


BlueHorse optimized the Magento platform for global consumers by implementing a Geo Location based multi-currency system. This system dynamically adjusts pricing based on customers' locations, providing transparency and easing the purchasing process. These enhancements overcome eCommerce hurdles and position Manyavar for sustainable growth in the global market.


Vendor Management

for Operational Excellence:

 Managing over 800 vendors and thousands of active purchase orders posed a significant challenge for Manyavar. Manual processes for handling changes in purchase orders (POs), goods receipt confirmation (GRC), and quality control (QC) led to inefficiencies and errors.


BlueHorse developed a customized vendor management application tailored specifically to Manyavar's needs. Leveraging AI-based automation, the application streamlined vendor request handling and updates. This resulted in enhanced efficiency and accuracy in vendor management processes, fostering better communication and ensuring timely approvals and updates. Moreover, it strengthened supplier relationships and drove operational excellence across its supply chain.

Ensuring Consistent Brand Experience Across 600+ Stores:

With an extensive network of over 600 physical stores, maintaining a consistent brand experience and high-quality standards posed a daunting challenge for Manyavar. Manual store audits were time-consuming and prone to errors, making it difficult to ensure compliance with brand guidelines and uphold quality standards.


BlueHorse developed the Sarthi App to empower Manyavar's store managers for comprehensive store audits. Initially deployed to streamline store audits, it was later extended to include audits of jobbers. Through the Sarthi App, managers can conduct audits efficiently, identify areas for improvement, and ensure consistent brand standards across stores. This provides real-time visibility into operations, ensuring a consistent brand experience and standards across Manyavar's vast retail network.


Store Operations

with Sansar App:

Manyavar faced challenges in managing intra-store orders, inventory shortages, and custom requests. These issues led to operational inefficiencies and hindered seamless customer experiences.


BlueHorse developed the Sansar portal to enhance inventory management capabilities. It enables real-time inventory access, reducing intra-store orders during shortages. Stores can also place orders within the network, optimizing inventory usage and order fulfillment efficiency. Sansar also streamlines customized order tracking, providing visibility throughout the fulfillment process.

Operational excellence:
  • Positions Manyavar for sustainable growth in global market.
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in vendor management.
  • Provided real-time visibility into store operations.
  • Improved inventory management, real-time access and customized tracking.
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