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Restaurant Data Management

: BlueHorse's Data Management Solution:

EazyDiner encountered challenges in onboarding a vast array of restaurants across a massive geographical region. Adding details for eateries in over 150 Indian cities and in Dubai presented significant hurdles. The sheer volume of data entry, ensuring consistency across locations, and keeping information up-to-date necessitated a robust and scalable solution.


Recognizing the challenge of managing data for over 90,000 restaurants globally, BlueHorse Software crafted a platform specifically designed to simplify data entry for restaurant details, ensuring data accuracy. This solution empowered EazyDiner to efficiently manage their massive dataset and conquer the challenge of scaling their platform across diverse markets.

Navigating EazyDiner's Data Dilemma: A Blueprint for

Restaurant Data Management


  Maintaining high-quality restaurant data on a large platform like EazyDiner posed an ongoing challenge. The dynamic nature of the restaurant industry, with menus constantly changing and new eateries emerging, further complicated this task. Ensuring data consistency across locations and preparing for future scalability were additional hurdles that needed to be addressed.


To tackle EazyDiner's data challenges, BlueHorse Software devised a two-part solution. Firstly, BlueHorse developed a system to manage their data in real-time, ensuring accuracy. Secondly, utilized Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 for a scalable content management system, guaranteeing fast loading times and high-quality visuals for users.

EazyDiner's Search Revolution: Harnessing

elastic search

for Seamless Discovery

Navigating EazyDiner's vast restaurant database posed a unique search challenge. With over 90,000 restaurants across diverse locations and cuisines, creating a seamless search experience required addressing data volume, location specificity, and
personalized recommendations to match users' preferences effectively.


BlueHorse Software implemented Elasticsearch for accurate search results. This robust search engine tackles massive restaurant datasets with lightning-fast speed and scalability.
Furthermore, NLP integration empowers the system to understand user intent behind queries, ensuring relevant results even for informal searches. Location intelligence personalizes recommendations based on user preferences and local specialties, creating a truly delightful search experience for EazyDiner's customers.

Navigating Table Reservations Challenges : BlueHorse’s Solution

EazyDiner faced the daunting task of managing table reservations and seat availability, both online and offline, across a vast network of restaurants. Coordinating bookings, ensuring accurate availability, and synchronizing data in real-time presented significant challenge for the platform.


EazyDiner introduced the "Light Table App" for restaurants, facilitating seamless management of both offline and online reservations. This app allows real-time updates of table availability, instant confirmation to diners, and ensures accurate inventory management, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Operational excellence:
  • Streamlined restaurant data input, ensuring accuracy for EazyDiner's expansive database.
  • Developed a system for EazyDiner to manage data instantly,maintaining accuracy.
  • Enhanced Search Experience with Elasticsearch for users to enjoy lightning-fast and accurate search results, personalized recommendations, and location-based insights.
  • Developed "Light Table App" for seamless Reservation Management to enable real-time updates, instant confirmations, and precise inventory tracking, optimizing restaurant operations and customer satisfaction.
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