Uniqlo Launches eCommerce Operations in India

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo entered India in 2019 through a single FDI sales channel. Now Uniqlo is launching its full e-commerce operation in the country. This comes into existence when online shopping is gaining momentum during the epidemic. It is said by the company's chief executive officer.

Uniqlo Launches In India

Tomohiko Sei, Chief Executive Officer of Uniqlo India said the company began its online tour in India last year. They offering "flexible services" called "Shop-from-Home". And now the company will also offer a 360-degree e-commerce solution for consumers. They are now ready to achieve a new milestone in India. They introducing a powerful e-commerce solution including an official online store and app. Customers improve their closeness to the high quality and valuable functionality of LifeWear.

They have seen good customer feedback and demand from cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata, among other things ... Their goal can be to (achieve) a two-digit total sales total to begin with. Their first goal is 15 percent,” he added. He did not mention a timeline. Sei said due to the speed of online shopping in India, the company decided to start its e-commerce operations before the first plan. “In online channels, a wide range of products and services will be able for consumers. More than 11,000 items and wide-sized options will be available through an e-commerce platform,” he said.


Currently, Uniqlo owns 6 stores in the Delhi-NCR region. They said it was looking to expand its store. “E-commerce services will collaborate in our stores. At the same time, we must continue to expand our customer contact areas. They will do that by adding new stores and looking for appropriate locations. Even in the Delhi-NCR region, we have used the full efforts yet and there are good opportunities to adding new stores,” added Sei.

The trading industry has faced daunting times as various State governments have restrictions during the pandemic. Sei said the company is seeing "better recovery options" this year. Exports of these restrictions are reducing compared to last year after national releases. He said increased product awareness and vaccination were some of the factors driving the recovery process.

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Today's pandemic has promoted online business. This is the reason why Japanese Apparel Company has stepped towards e-commerce in India. Online shopping has changed the way the world shop. See you in my next blog soon.

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